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Summary of the average treatment effects from AIPW


Calculate average causal effects in RD, RR and OR in the fitted AIPW or AIPW_tmle object using the estimated efficient influence functions



Value between [0,1] at which the propensity score should be truncated. Propensity score will be truncated to [g.bound, 1-g.bound] when one g.bound value is provided, or to [min(g.bound), max(g.bound)] when two values are provided. Defaults to 0.025.


estimates and result (public variables): Risks, Average treatment effect in RD, RR and OR.

R6 Usage

$summary(g.bound = 0.025)
$summary(g.bound = c(0.025,0.975))

See Also

AIPW and AIPW_tmle

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