HubbardBrook {AHMbook}R Documentation

Warbler point count data from the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest


Three replicated point counts of 10 min each, out to a maximum distance of 100 m, were conducted in each spring between 1999 and 2018 at a total of 373 locations in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire. This data set contains the data for the following 13 species:




HubbardBrook is a list with 4 elements:


a sites x replicates x years x species array of counts, the number of unique individuals detected within 50m of the point count location.


a data frame with rows for 373 sites and the following columns:

  • PlotID : a numeric site identifier.

  • Longitude : the longitude of the point (WGS84); 2 sites have missing data.

  • Latitude : the latitude of the point (WGS84); 2 sites have missing data.

  • Elev : the elevation of the point, m.

  • Aspect : aspect of the sample location (degrees).

  • Slope : slope of the sample location.

  • Forest : general forest cover type of sample location.


a sites x replicates x years array of ordinal day of count (1 Jan = 1); NA entries occur when surveys were not carried out.


a sites x replicates x years array with the start time of the survey, hours after midnight.


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