plot.AF {AF}R Documentation

Plot function for objects of class "AF" from the function AFcoxph or AFparfrailty.


Creates a simple scatterplot for the AF function with time sequence (specified by the user as times in the AFcoxph function) on the x-axis and the AF function estimate on the y-axis.


## S3 method for class 'AF'
plot(x, CI = TRUE, confidence.level, CI.transform, xlab,
  main, ylim, ...)



an object of class AF from the AFcoxph or AFparfrailty function.


if TRUE confidence intervals are estimated and ploted in the graph.


user-specified confidence level for the confidence intervals. If not specified it defaults to 95 percent. Should be specified in decimals such as 0.95 for 95 percent.


user-specified transformation of the Wald confidence interval(s). Options are untransformed, log and logit. If not specified untransformed will be calculated.


label on the x-axis. If not specified the label "Time" will be displayed.


main title of the plot. If not specified the lable "Estimate of the attributable fraction function" will be displayed.


limits on the y-axis of the plot. If not specified the minimum value of the lower bound of the confidence interval will be used as the minimal value and the maximum value of the upper bound of the confidence interval will be used as the maximum of y-axis of the plot.


further arguments to be passed to the plot function. See plot.


Elisabeth Dahlqwist, Arvid Sjölander

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