testAllSigMatrices {ADAPTS}R Documentation

Generate all the signature matrices one time with the option to leave out half of the data as a test set


This wrapper is helpful for repetitively matrix generation. It generates seed matrix, all-gene matrix, augmented matrix, shrunk matrix, and all the clustered matrices in one call.


  randomize = TRUE,
  skipShrink = FALSE,
  proportional = FALSE,
  handMetaCluster = NULL,
  testOnHalf = TRUE



The gene express data. Each row is a gene, and each column is an example of a particular cell type.


Set to to TRUE randomize the sets selected by ADAPTS::scSample (DEFAULT: TRUE)


Set to TRUE to skip shrinking the signatrure matrix (DEFAULT: TRUE)


Set to true to make the training set cell type proportional. Ignores group size (DEFAULT: FALSE)


A List of pre-defined meta clusters.Set to NULL to automatically group indistinguishable cells into same cluster using clustWspillOver.(DEFAULT: NULL)


Set to TRUE to leave half the data as a test set


A list of results including prediction accuracy and cell enrichment


ct1 <- runif(1000, 0, 100)
ct2 <- runif(1000, 0, 100)
ct3 <- runif(1000, 0, 100)
ct4 <- runif(1000, 0, 100)
dataMat <- cbind(ct1, ct1, ct1, ct1, ct1, ct1, ct2, ct2, ct2, ct2, ct3, ct3, ct3,ct3,ct4,ct4)
rownames(dataMat) <- make.names(rep('gene', nrow(dataMat)), unique=TRUE)
noise <- matrix(runif(nrow(dataMat)*ncol(dataMat), -2, 2), nrow = nrow(dataMat), byrow = TRUE)
dataMat <- dataMat + noise
metaList <- list()
colnames(dataMat) <- sub('\\..*','', colnames(dataMat))
metaList[[1]] <- c(unique(colnames(dataMat))[1])  #Cell Type 1
metaList[[2]] <- c(unique(colnames(dataMat))[2])  #Cell Type 2
metaList[[3]] <- c(unique(colnames(dataMat))[3])  #Cell Type 3
metaList[[4]] <- c(unique(colnames(dataMat))[4:length(unique(colnames(dataMat)))])  #Cell Type 4
#  This is a meta-function that calls other functions, 
#  The execution speed is too slow for the CRAN automated check
#testAllSigMatrices(exprData=dataMat, randomize = TRUE, skipShrink=FALSE, 
#    proportional=FALSE, handMetaCluster=metaList,testOnHalf=TRUE)

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