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Estimating Age Modification Effect on Genetic and Environmental Variance Components in Twin Models


The package implements two novel twin models that are able to estimate dynamic behaviour of the variance components in the classical twin models with respect to age or other covariates such as calendar year.


Package: ACEt
Type: Package
Version: 1.8.0
Date: 2017-04-29
License: GPL


Liang He

Maintainer: Liang He <>


He, L., Sillanpää, M.J., Silventoinen, K., Kaprio, J. and Pitkäniemi, J., 2016. Estimating Modifying Effect of Age on Genetic and Environmental Variance Components in Twin Models. Genetics, 202(4), pp.1313-1328.

He, L., Pitkäniemi, J., Silventoinen, K. and Sillanpää, M.J., 2017. ACEt: An R package for estimating dynamic heritability and comparing twin models. Behavior Genetics, 47(6), pp.620-641.


# data(data_ace)

# AtCtEt(data_ace$mz, data_ace$dz, mod=c('d','d','c'), knot_a = 5, knot_c = 4)
# AtCtEtp(data_ace$mz, data_ace$dz, knot_a = 6, mod=c('d','l','c'))

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