Analysis of Congruent Diversification Classes

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Documentation for package ‘ACDC’ version 1.0.0

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ACDC-package ACDC: Analysis of Congruent Diversification Classes
ACDC ACDC: Analysis of Congruent Diversification Classes
congruent.models Create a set of congruent models
create.model Computes the congruent class, i.e., the pulled rates.
model2df model2df
plot.ACDC Plots the rate functions including the pulled rates.
plot.ACDCset Plots the rate functions
primates Primates phylogenetic tree
primates_ebd RevBayes Primates birth-death model
primates_ebd_log Primates birth-death model
primates_ebd_tess TESS Primates birth-death model
primates_ebd_treepar TreePar Primates birth-death model
print.ACDC Print method for ACDC object
print.ACDCposterior Title
print.ACDCset Print method for ACDCset object
print.ACDCsets print.ACDCsets
read.RevBayes read RevBayes log file
sample.basic.models Samples simple increase/decrease models through time with noise.
sample.congruence.class Stochastic exploration of congruent models.
sample.congruence.class.posterior Stochastic exploration of congruent models for all samples in the posterior
sample.rates Sample custom functions through time.
summarize.posterior Summarize trends in the posterior
summarize.trends Summarize trends in the congruence class